Taken from the forthcoming 3kStatic album Idol Pleasures, the single “Lust For Conquest” has been released to DJ pools from 23 October.

As the release of the forthcoming 3kStatic album Idol Pleasures draws nearer, the lead single ‘Lust For Conquest’ has today been released to DJ pools.

The track (130 BPM) is a quixotic fusion of tech house and ’90s-inflected IDM, with a distinct tinge of Afro House elements.

Having charted no fewer than nine Top 25 tracks on various US and North American DJ charts, ‘Lust For Conquest’ is the first 3kStatic DJ single release in six years, coming in support of the 6 December 2019 release of Idol Pleasures.

Idol Pleasures by 3kStatic will be available in digital, disc and vinyl (EP) formats.

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