Marking the 20th year of the 3kStatic project, the forthcoming album Deep State Installation will be released in 2019 in digital and physical formats, as well as companion media.

The follow-up to the 2017 album Deform Over Dysfunction, the new release is currently planned as a multi-disc concept recording.

Deep State Installation is expected to fuse found sounds, shortwave radio interceptions and ready-mades to create an Anti-art soundtrack to a Dadaist, ‘post-House Music’ culture…

…A dystopian culture torn between lingering echoes of a Weimar cabaret and the clattering tools of command and control.

The title’s two-fold meaning is both a reference to contemporary world events and a vision of recorded output and its companion media as an art installation.

Heavily influenced by the ethos of early Industrial pioneers, the music of 3kStatic has been described as ‘Anarchist Disco’.

3kStatic has collaborated with artists from across the music spectrum.

The 2006 release Where’s Our Piece of the Groovy World? charted #1 iTunes (Dance) across Europe and was an entry candidate for the 50th GRAMMY Awards.

Deep State Installation (Catalog# DPR935) will be released in 2019.